Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Burning" Spanko Questions¿

On a lighter note, after a recent trip to WalMart, I have a few "burning" questions & I hope I'm not just some perverted little freak... Well, I'm pretty sure I'm a perverted little freak, but I hope I'm not alone...

Does anyone else get warm & tingly ALL OVER while standing on the kitchenware aisle @ WalMart/Target, etc.?

Am I the only one that wonders somewhat absent mindedly through the store looking @ various items & wondering how they would function as a spanking implement?

Am I the only person that seems to (after finally coming out the closet) associate EVERYTHING with spanking? Like for instance the term 'burning question', burning makes me think of spanking!

Just a few 'burning' questions!



  1. No, no you're not. I wondered the same thing. And wondered if the other people lingering there were doing the same thing I was. Was I the only one who tapped the stuff against my leg 'thoughtfully', actually testing the weight? Or the only on in the accessory aisle, testing belts by doubling them up & slapping them against my leg, while trying to look like I was making careful consideration. Glad to know I have good company.

    Daddy has actually joked about making a spankers' superstore, like a Walmart for spanking stuff, lol.

  2. So glad I'm not alone! WoW! Wouldn't a spanking superstore be nice!!!

    1. Yeah, lol, could you imagine? Daddy said when he he gets back from this deployment we're going shopping just for things to use on me O_o I should be trepidatious I imagine - but it makes me all tingly in a good way, lol.

  3. I feel sort of the same way, although I'm a spanko at heart, there are just SOME things I don't want to be spanked with that have just happened to look good for spanking.

    I was recently looking at two large flat wooden salad spoons at Target when I was told we didn't need spoons because HE had a lovely piece of wooden edging from fixing up the basement that worked perfectly... (I HATE that thing!)
    My spanking fantasies are more belts, paddles... hands even.. not crown molding or left over edging...


  4. No I do NOT get all warm and tingly standing in those aisles. They're moslty wood implements! WOOD!! Evil, evil wood.

    But yes, I do usually have a filter while looking at things in the store as to how well they would hold up for our special activities. ;)


  5. First, thanks for your previous post. I'm running out of time this morning but enjoyed your introduction.

    I'm with sarah on the implement aisle. It's a terrible place that should be avoided, especially if my husband is with me. He picks things up and gives me evil grins, taps them on his leg. It's just awful.

  6. No, you're not the only one who has those thoughts. I go to thrift stores for the express purpose of finding new implements for us to try.


  7. Lol, no, you are not the alone in being a perverted little freak.

    Though, while I generally do view kitchen supplies in more of a spanking light, I'm usually hoping he hasn't seen it or it never comes home.