Saturday, April 14, 2012

Proper introduction

I wanted to properly introduce 'us' & For anyone that may have read my self psycho analysis blog, I wanted to clarify some thins. I felt like that blog to me made our relationship sound totally dysfunctional. Which is not the case. I mean we all have our degree of dysfunction, but we r not to the extreme.
Let me paint a more accurate picture of us:
Many of our friends/fmly think of us as the 'perfect' couple.
We were always the couple that ppl wanted to b like. Always joking, laughing & unbelievably mushy. Jase's whole focus has always been on me (& of course our kids). He has always spoiled me rotten.
(U see, my bratty attitude isn't all my fault. He helped make me rotten!) :-p

We always seemed (& I guess still are) the 'go-to' couple for ppl w/ relationship issues. We really did have a great, fun, loving relationship. Literally the kind of relationship that people dream about having.

In fact, when we had initially announced that we were planning to separate/divorce, the consensus was "OMG! If you 2 can't make it. Then no one can." Ppl verbalized to us that they couldn't imagine Jase w/out Jayden & vice versa. That was just how people viewed our relationship.

We didn't spend nearly 20 years fighting, etc. it was just hard times that brought us to a near breaking point.

I'm very lucky, I've got the kind of husband that many women dream about having. He's good looking, strong, & good @ what he does
(wink,wink) ;-)
He's a wonderful, involved father & husband. He is a bit of a smart ass, but that's part of his boyish charm! He was/is the perfect mix between 'bad boy' & 'nice guy'! All of the above, of course being why I fell in love with him. Who could ask for more?!

I am very thankful for DD & the chance to save our relationship!
I love having our playful, mushy, loving relationship back!

I hope i have been able to clear things up a bit. I just didn't care for the picture that was painted of us. I feel that if I'm gonna be sharing our intimate, personal experiences, I want people to have a more realistic idea of who we really are!

To Jase, when u read this, no smart ass comments about the nice things I said about u. They r all true & u know it!
Love Ya!! xoxo

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