Thursday, April 19, 2012

An OTK Epiphany

You know those moments, where the light bulb comes on?  That moment when something just Hits you?  I recently had one of those moments while OTK.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HaHa! She Called You SIR!

Jase & I went to lunch with his mom yesterday.  We were just sitting there, eating, talking about 'vanilla' things.
When Jase asked the waitress for something, she responded with the usual "Yes, Sir."  This is the norm.  Considered to be good manners, nothing unusual about it.  However, being that my mind seems to always be on D/s, DD, spanking, etc. (& that fact that I was deliriously exhausted from working all weekend & having not yet been to sleep following my last shift.) I found this kinda funny.  I knew that Jase would know what I was referring to.  
I giggled, leaned over & said "She called u SIR." He just looked @ me & grinned, a 'toppy' grin (which he has perfected rather quickly)! 
A very innocent little 'inside joke' between the 2 of us, no further conversation required on the subject...So, I thought...

The Sex, The Spanking & The Orgasm

I got in from work that Saturday morning feeling like I was going to explode if there wasn't some release of that mounting sexual tension.  As fate would have it, everyone was still sleeping.  This allowed us some very rare & coveted private time.

We had recently received our order of 'quiet' implements from Cane-iac, but had only gotten to try them out briefly the day they arrived.
I am not good with anticipation, I don't like being caught off guard, I don't like fearing the unknown, I want to know what to expect... I want to know what I'm fearing!
That being the case, after experiencing intense oral & physical pleasure, I asked Jase if he would spank me.  I wanted to know what to expect from these implements without the protection of jeans or even panties (I must be nuts).  Plus, I figured it would help get my mind off of the impending (2nd) orgasm that I was trying to prolong for as long as possible.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Burning" Spanko Questions¿

On a lighter note, after a recent trip to WalMart, I have a few "burning" questions & I hope I'm not just some perverted little freak... Well, I'm pretty sure I'm a perverted little freak, but I hope I'm not alone...

Does anyone else get warm & tingly ALL OVER while standing on the kitchenware aisle @ WalMart/Target, etc.?

Am I the only one that wonders somewhat absent mindedly through the store looking @ various items & wondering how they would function as a spanking implement?

Am I the only person that seems to (after finally coming out the closet) associate EVERYTHING with spanking? Like for instance the term 'burning question', burning makes me think of spanking!

Just a few 'burning' questions!


Proper introduction

I wanted to properly introduce 'us' & For anyone that may have read my self psycho analysis blog, I wanted to clarify some thins. I felt like that blog to me made our relationship sound totally dysfunctional. Which is not the case. I mean we all have our degree of dysfunction, but we r not to the extreme.
Let me paint a more accurate picture of us:
Many of our friends/fmly think of us as the 'perfect' couple.
We were always the couple that ppl wanted to b like. Always joking, laughing & unbelievably mushy. Jase's whole focus has always been on me (& of course our kids). He has always spoiled me rotten.
(U see, my bratty attitude isn't all my fault. He helped make me rotten!) :-p

Spanking Junkie

Do u ever look around & just wonder where the hidden camera is in your life? I do, all the time.

We are definitely finding that this lifestyle (meaning the DD relationship & the 'kink') is not one you can just jump right into. It seems like things are even more compounded & frustrating due to the additional adult residing in this house.

We are having to do everything (w/ regard to spanking) in such an 'unconventional' manner. We r having to begin with the 'quiet' implements. This means that we r trying to learn to do everything from warm up to discipline & everything in between w/ canes & other implements of the kind. Because of the severity of the implements we r having to use, we must b very careful & proceed with even more caution.
We are not new to 'spanking' but we are new to 'SPANKING'. Meaning: We have never ventured far beyond hand swats or a plexi glass paddle during minor role play (i miss that paddle :-p). I have yet to b pushed to my real limits...although I did have an amazing, mind blowing experience recently with D/s sex (different post, all together).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Want from a DD Relationship: How I explained it

This is the 2nd. entry that I wrote in my journal before I decided to blog.  I don't know why, but for some reason I have a very hard time discussing certain things.  I don't know why, but asking for discipline is very hard for me (to verbalize).  Admitting to enjoying erotic spanking is difficult for me (to verbalize).  For some reason even the word 'spank' seems to sound all distorted when it comes out of my mouth.  It is also very, very hard for me to admit when I am wrong.  I found that once I wrote my 'self psycho-analysis', I learned a lot about myself.  We had started to discuss DD as well as our 'kink', but it was still somewhat uncomfortable for me.  I was able to put on paper all the things that I wanted to say, but couldn't find the words.  Then, I read them both to Jase.  @ one point, I even began to cry, something that is really uncomfortable for me.  I found that after I was able to actually read aloud to Jase  all of the things that were very hard for me to verbalize, it was like an awakening.  It is now so much easier for me to discuss.  Once again, these were my private expressions to my husband, I hadn't planned to share.  So, please excuse the fact that I am definitely NOT an English major!  

My Self "Psycho Analysis"

I've decided to go ahead & post some of the things that I'd written in my journal before I decided to start a blog.  I'm not very good @ writing, & I pretty much suck @ grammar, so it's nothing fabulous.  This first journal entry that I titled "My self psycho-analysis" was my way of actually admitting to & accepting some of the more painful events in my life. Understanding how these events truly affected me & ultimately who I am or who I sometimes pretend to be. I realize that this first one especially,  is rather long, but I felt it was a very important step in beginning a DD relationship. It really helped me & Jase understand a lot about me & why I feel that I/we need this relationship.  By no means, am I an expert, since I/we are in the beginning stages & learning as we go.  I've realized from responses that I've gotten that some people are particularly interested because we are just beginning.  This was one of the biggest & hardest things for me to do, but I'm very glad I did.  It is equally as hard for me to post this, because I am exposing the most vulnerable part myself. Things that are the most painful for me. Things that only my husband knows...
Please remember, when I wrote this, I never intended on sharing with anyone but Jase.  Some of my thoughts are scattered and random, but this was me writing for me. It's all real! So, here goes...

Saturday, April 7, 2012


OMG! I just spent 2 hours transferring part of a journal entry onto my blog. Unfortunately I'm having to do it from my cell phone. But, I got to a stopping point, hit "publish" & it's NOT here! WTH?! Great! I guess one day I'll get back around to re-doing it! Grrrr!