Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HaHa! She Called You SIR!

Jase & I went to lunch with his mom yesterday.  We were just sitting there, eating, talking about 'vanilla' things.
When Jase asked the waitress for something, she responded with the usual "Yes, Sir."  This is the norm.  Considered to be good manners, nothing unusual about it.  However, being that my mind seems to always be on D/s, DD, spanking, etc. (& that fact that I was deliriously exhausted from working all weekend & having not yet been to sleep following my last shift.) I found this kinda funny.  I knew that Jase would know what I was referring to.  
I giggled, leaned over & said "She called u SIR." He just looked @ me & grinned, a 'toppy' grin (which he has perfected rather quickly)! 
A very innocent little 'inside joke' between the 2 of us, no further conversation required on the subject...So, I thought...

His mom heard my statement & for obvious reasons, she wouldn't understand that it was just a little joke...  She proceeded to lecture me about respect, & how 'Sir & Ma'am' are terms used to show respect. That it's not implying that the person being addressed as sir or ma'am is old.  It's considered to be good manners & polite...blah, blah, blah.......
Mind you, I was born here.  Been here all my life.  I know all about sir & ma'am being considered respectful.  Was this lecture really necessary? From my Mother in law??  She continued, telling me how when she would take college courses, some of the instructors would be the same age as her kids & she would still call them 'Mr'. Or 'Mrs'. & say 'Sir or Ma'am', because It's a sign of respect!
Apparently Jase's mom felt I needed a 'vanilla' lesson on respect.  I suppose that's the consensus, LoL!

Lesson learned. Next time I will refrain from innocent comments that I associate with D/s, DD, etc.  because I definitely wish to avoid the accompanying 'vanilla' lecture I may get.  
Not to mention, while getting that very boring  lecture, I was VERY tempted to blurt out "That's not what I mean! I know about respect! I'm talking about the term used in a SUBMISSIVE way! You know? Like when you are getting spanked.  Because that's what we are doing now! U, know?!" 
For me, exhaustion & delirium = irritable & mouthy.  
So very glad the above statement didn't propel itself from my mouth before I had a chance to stop it!!! LoL!


  1. Whenever I call someone ma'am. I get a lecture from my wife that it makes the woman feel old and I should never use that word.

    I do not like being called sir outside of the scene.


  2. Oh my, can you imagine what your MIL would have done/said if it had popped out of your mouth? Yee hah.

    1. @ Joey, I know we use sir/ma'am as a respectful term. We enforce the use of Sir/Ma'am w/ our kids. However, I don't necessarily like when a College age student refers to me as 'ma'am'. I think "do I REALLY look old enough to them that they think they should b calling me ma'am"!?

      @ Susie: I know, Right?!?! I don't even want to think about it. Honestly, bless her heart, my MIL is kinda ditzy sometimes. It probably would've gone right over her head...or, she would've started giving us Various implements for birthday/Christmas gifts! LoL!.