Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stress Release Spanking

I'm so thankful that Jase & I agreed to practice DD & spanking.
This whole thing came about because our marriage seemed to be teetering on the brink of destruction.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) we have very little time for discipline. But we are learning to make time for as much spanking as we can! :-)
The bond we have has always strengthened during difficult times. This time, our relationship was growing stronger & stronger with DD/TTWD/our spanking kink, etc.
Now, when @ the moment it seems like it's us against the world, our love, trust & relationship continues to grow stronger & stronger.
The thought of ever being without him is unthinkable.
The children are happy because we are happy.
Through everything we are still maturing in our roles (Top/Bottom), etc.
Thursday, we finally got the chance to play. Strictly stress relief. It was such a nice relief. (only spankos can understand how a painful spanking can be a nice relief!)
He started with warm up with his hand, a wooden spoon & also peppered me with a plastic slatted spatula(that spatula is very good for warm up!) He used the paddle, cane & belt. I tried to count but I just couldn't. Seemed we both would've liked to have continued for longer but the stress release provided in that session, had us both finally ready for a good, sound nights sleep.
I could feel the heat radiating from my bottom. We snuggled & spooned, I loved going to sleep with his body molded into my warm, sore bottom.
We were so @ peace & both of us slept so soundly! It was wonderful!
For the 1st time since all this added stress began, I woke up happy, not depressed!
WoW! What a spanking can do!!!
BTW... I would like to add that after a little experience in the spanking world, I would have to agree with Sarah Thorne...WOOD IS EVIL!
I have learned that Jase's Firm hand & a thick Leather Belt are my 'favorites'!
I'm so thankful for my loving husband who also happens to b an AWESOME top!

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