Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stress Release Spanking # 2

I got in from work Saturday morning & started working in the house. Jase was awake as well & it wasn't long before we realized that the entire house was still sleeping...hmmm...the decision was easy. We would finish where we left off Thursday night.

Out came the implements & Over I went. A nice warm up, again with his hand, a wooden spoon & that plastic, slatted spatula.
Then again, harder strokes with his hand, the cane, the paddle, & the 5-strand.
"How are you doing" he leaned over & asked me. "Well, I'm not crying yet."
I have so much stress that has got to be penetrated & while I can feel each spanking provide more relief, I crave the spanking that pushes me beyond my limit & I reach that full catharsis!
My response to his question was met with multiple paddle strokes one after the other, covering my entire bottom & harder than I'd ever felt! I whimpered & squirmed but tried desperately not to break position. Part of me wanted to stop, but the other part of me knew that This was exactly what I needed & wanted... more of it & HARD!
I look so forward to the day when I'm pushed beyond that point! I'm sure it will be like a most amazing moment for both of us. In the mean time, we are actively chipping through the layers & layers of stress that we must get through to get to the ultimate goal! I'm certainly enjoying the spankings that are getting us there! & I feel certain Jase is finding it just as enjoyable & stress relieving!
I love my husband, my BFF, My Best & only Top Forever!


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