Thursday, June 14, 2012

Note to Self...Shut Thy Mouth!

Well, I've always known that I had a big mouth.

U know that little filter that most people have between their brains & their mouths? That little thing that keeps people from saying things as soon as the thought hits the brain?
Well, I don't have one!

Tends to b problematic @ times.

Obviously, speaking on impulse means I don't think about how things are going to sound once the thought is converted to words & emitted from my mouth.

I know what I mean when I say something, but since I frequently say EXACTLY what I'm thinking, w/out thinking about how it will sound once it's out there...things can get terribly misconstrued.

I frequently find myself explaining & clarifying what I meant -vs- what I said.

Clearly, my mouth is one of the biggest reasons that I need DD in my life & marriage.

What is the most recent learning experience?

During a spanking, it would be best to answer questions with 'Yes/No' answers.
Obviously this is NOT the time to blurt out something that your Top/HoH perceives as a 'challenge'. This is especially true when the response is centered around pain tolerance & limits.

Jase was more than prepared last night to 'conquer' the perceived challenge (which, I would like to add, was not a challenge @ all, it just came out wrong).
It seemed that the more I talked, the deeper the hole I dug for myself.

I must admit, the expression on his face made me a little, ok, a lot nervous.
When I get nervous, I laugh! Can I just say that if there was ever a BAD time to laugh, this was it!
I kept on talking (dummy!) "wait, baby please, wait, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I just meant..."
Each explanation seemed to make matters slightly worse...

There it was that feeling of impending doom, the "there's really nothing I can say to right this mess" feeling in the pit of my stomach...

Then, saved by the possibility of a child attempting to enter the bedroom.

However, that was last night & this is tonight.
I will be in route home in less than an hour. The kids will be asleep... Leaving Just the 2 of us & the implements...

He says he understands that It was a misunderstanding. That he just took what I said the wrong way.
I, however feel that his original perception of my statement will forever (if not forever, @ least for 2-night) linger in the back of his mind & I'm already pretty sore from last night!

From this point forward, during a spanking, I will definitely be cautiously aware of what I say before I say it!



  1. It is best to err on the side of caution when confronted with a top holding a wooden implement.

  2. Sorry 4 the delay, i've been sooo busy!
    Joey, I believe u r correct. Unfortunately, things spew from my mouth before even I can grasp what is about to come out! I swear, if I kept a journal of some of my finest moments with my mouth & the things I've said, I could have a best selling book! LoL!

    ;-) Jayden