Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm so gonna get it!

It has been forever since I've last blogged or even been able to read blogs.

Life being even more chaotic than usual, is really kickin' my ass right now! End of the school year, exams, parties, awards, recitals, tournaments. All piled on top of the usual madness & mayhem that is the joy of having a large family!
As if we had time for anything else, I came down sick. I'm still not all the way well, but last weekend was particularly MISERABLE & terribly busy & stressful!
With all of the extra's (& of course, the usual lack of privacy) there is literally no time for a spanking of any sort... No maintenance, no stress relief, no erotic & no discipline.
No discipline should b good, right? Not the case here.
Last weekend with being sick & stressed with the weekends events & the strict schedule we had to adhere to, I was very...well... Umm...ok, I was a BITCH! Worse than that, I was a bitch on more than one occasion. (I know it is no excuse, but I was sick & cranky, & cold medicine tends to make me irritable & stress, of course puts anyone on edge.)
The real problem is that once I start, my mouth is like the Energizer Bunny, It just keeps going & going!
Cussing, yelling & just having a temper tantrum... 3 days in a row. (Groan) Once while I was having a fit, Jase warned me that I really needed to stop bc it was going to b dealt with. My response... "I don't even care right now! I don't care!" Ugh! Did I really say that? Like I said, my mouth...
Jase has been very diplomatic & loving. Being as I've been (& still am) sick. He's allowing me time to get well. But he's keeping a running tab!
I need to hurry & get well because @ the rate I'm going, he's gonna have to break this disciplinary action into @ least 2 sessions (sigh). :-/
Well, I know I've earned it (not proud of that) & I'm not looking forward to it.
I am however very appreciative of him waiting for me to get better. I'm also very glad that he is taking DD seriously & plans to address the infraction(s) rather than blowing it off.
I kinda think he enjoys holding it over my head right now. LoL! He makes sure to remind me that he hasn't forgotten...
I am SOOOOO Gonna Get It!!!


  1. Jayden,

    I hope that you feel better soon and I hope that with school ending life will be less hectic.


  2. Aww, but yes, I agree, it's good that he is going to address it; because just knowing that will hold you back a bit from overdoing things! It will be in your mind (or you wouldn't be blogging about it!!) and keeping you at least a little bit cautious! Besides, if there is no consistency, it means you never know when he will step up and when he won't, which makes it difficult.
    Hope you feel better soon. xxxxxxxx

  3. @ Joey Thanx. U always have such nice things to say.

    @ Daisy yes, u r right. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting. Something came up that took me away from my fmly for most of this past week. :-(
    I feel like I'm not being nearly as cautious as I should b though. :-/