Sunday, October 21, 2012

The final countdown...

I'm counting! I don't know how many days i'm counting, but I know, soon we will get our lives back!

I can't wait! These past few months have been terribly stressful. Literally...DD? What's that? Obviously something that we have been unable to continue d/t the constant presence of 'the houseguest'.
Spanking all together for any reason has been completely nixed for months d/t lack of privacy. Talk about adding to the stress. In an instant DD went on hold, I reclaimed my 'Queen Bitch' thrown, even stress relief & erotic spanking came to an abrupt HALT! :-(

I have faith though! This is the final countdown! We will get our lives & privacy back! Hopefully sooner than later!

I can't wait until i actually have something to Blog about. It's really tough to even continue reading other blogs when u, yourself are not participating in the scene. It just makes u miss it more!

Jayden :-)


  1. Hi Jayden,

    I missed your posts. I am glad you will be back soon.


    PS Please eliminate word authentication from your blog to make it easier for us to comment.

    1. Hi, Joey
      Thanx for the support. & Thanx for the suggestion. I didn't realize that word verification was turned on. It's off now!

  2. Hi Jayden I just discovered your blog in my attempt to educate myself on D/s.I have been following a number of blogs over the last several months, but what really caught my eye w/ your blog is that you're a nurse like myself [my area is L&D]. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in considering this lifestyle. Hope things get back on track for you & I will be following your blog along w/ the other blogs I read.

    1. I'm sorry it has taken a bit to respond. I'm sure by now you have figured out the the Ds/Dd/Kink community is a very supportive one! I felt very comfortable entering the 'scene'. There are a lot of knowledgeable ppl here with lots of advice and experience to offer & always willing to help. Pretty much everyone has a 'scene' name to help keep up with privacy, it's nice to have that alter-ego that can openly discuss personal aspects of the lifestyle.

      I was kinda hesitant @ first to admit to being an RN.( I specialize in OR and L&D I love them both!) Worried that if someone I worked w/ happened to be reading that they would figure out it was me. As you more than know, being a L&D or Operating Room nurse requires a Type A personality, a very strong willed, confident person. We have a lot more autonomy & we have to able to control traumatic & life threatening situations. I felt that since being in 'control' was required of me in so much of my 'real' life that it was important to disclose in my D/s life bc it is part of my story, part of why I need to give up control...Then, I figured that if someone I worked with was reading my blog there was no way they could judge me without explaining why they were even reading my blog to begin with! LoL!
      Thanks again!